Work As Worship Wk. 6

Work As Worship: Workship

The Big PictureSession 6: Don’t Worship Work

Read through the following quotations from the video and determine which of them resonates with you the most, or seems most interesting? What words or phrases in that statement connect with you?

Are there any quotes you disagree with, or would like to adjust, or have a question about? What are your issues with them?

The Lord allowed us to take a big step of faith to walk away from the safety and security that comes from a larger organization and more financial compensation. ~ Mickey


An idol is not usually a bad thing; it’s usually a good thing that has taken on too much weight. We begin to worship it as if it were God, and so it becomes a bad thing to us. ~ J.D. Greear


When I see God as my primary security, then my work becomes less about survival and more about faithfulness to him. . . . if God ever reduces my ability to work, then I know that he’s going to be the one who provides for me, because ultimately he’s my provider, not my job. ~ J.D. Greear


I kind of ate and drank investment banking—that was my identity—but I knew deep down inside that there had to be something else. ~ Chris


If you find your identity and security in Christ, then you’ll be able to rest even while you’re working. ~ J.D. Greear


The blessings that come from living an obedient life and a more balanced life, there isn’t a price tag you can put on that. ~ Mickey


God is a better source of identity and God is a better source of security than any kind of work ever could be. ~J.D. Greear


My senior banker came up to me and said, “You’re either an investment banker or your not,” and I knew deep down in my heart of hearts I wasn’t. First and foremost, I’m a disciple of Christ. So . . . they ended up releasing me, and it was humbling, but I knew it was the right call. ~ Chris


I think a hundred years from now we’re going to wish that we had given God everything. ~J.D. Greear

Small Group Discussion of Don’t Worship Work

Share your answers.

Consider the “So What?” Based on these statements, what changes should we make in how we work or how we think about work?

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