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Saw a recipe on The Food Network on turkey day that we tried today. It was awesome and EASY!

Mini Turkey Pot Pies

Leftovers used were: green bean casserole, corn, turkey (I used dark meat).

New ingredients: biscuit dough (I used a store brand from the refrigerated section – like Pilsbury), milk (if desired), salt (to taste), pepper (to taste)

Preheat oven to 350°F. Get out your large muffin/cupcake pan (mine has six holes). Roll out dough to line each hole in the pan (bottom and sides). To get the right amount of filling I took a large spoonful of each of my leftover ingredients for each pan hole and placed them into a mixing bowl. My mixture was a little thick so I added enough milk to get it to a pot pie sauce consistency that I liked. You could add your salt and pepper here if you wanted to. We added ours to taste after they were baked. Add the mixture to fill each hole. Take additional biscuit dough and cover each hole. Pinch the edges shut tight. Slit each pie top to vent during cooking. Place into oven and cook for length of time to bake the biscuit dough. Likely around 14-17 minutes.

My family knows that I an NOT the cook, but EVERYBODY liked these and said they would want me to make them again. It was very simple to make, fun to eat and easy clean up too.

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