The Good, The Bad and…

…the ugly? Sometimes my life is not all coffee and roses. I have bad times and I have down right ugly (the really, really difficult) times. It can seem like these ugly times are completely unbearable but it is during these times I force myself to think of the footprints poem. Footprints has always been one of my favorite poems. I did not realize until my father’s terminal illness and death (an ugly time for me) that it was also a favorite of his. You might know it as something different but it is the one that ends with you knowing that God is always there beside you and in those dark difficult times not only is He there, he carries you.

I create the light and make the darkness. I send good times and bad times. I, the LORD, am the one who does these things.
Isaiah 45:7, NLT

God is ruler over light and darkness, over prosperity and disaster. Our lives are sprinkled with both types of experiences, and both are needed for us to grow spiritually.


When good times come, I will thank God and use my prosperity for him. When bad times come, I won’t resent them, but ask, “what can I learn from this refining experience to make me a better servant of God?”

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