The Coffee Epiphany

One of the things that I do everyday while working from home, other than build websites, is add content to websites. Content for a website is like the body of a letter. The problem is that like writing a letter, a report or any written material that you place a deadline on, at some point and time you end up with writers block.

Such was the case for a recent article for a coffee related site that I had placed my own deadline on. I sat for hours trying to think of my “angle”. How I could write this article to be informative, interesting and still be personable? I think I am funny at times but my humor is dry and likely would be misinterpreted by many.

In any case, Monday morning while I was going through my routine and wondering what to write in the article I had this epiphany, it came to me. It was a single simple chat conversation gave me the answer and the way to tie everything together.

Off and onto another topic, the weather around here continues to be cold. I am afraid winter is here to stay. Windy and cold is the forecast for the next few days.

I completed some additional Christmas shopping online.

Tomorrow I have a few appointments out of the house. I need to get to the post office to pick up some boxes to send a couple care packages. For some strange reason, St. Nick dropped off K1 and K2’s things here in New Mexico. Dingo also needs his rabies shot and both dogs need a heart worm refill.

Speaking of St. Nick and the dogs – each dog got a bone shaped stocking from St. Nick filled with toys. They have completely chewed through all but the tug-o-war knotted ropes and a couple of squeaky toys. It has been a blast watching them play though. I will try to add some pics tomorrow.