Thanks & Gratitute

Thanks and Gratitude

As we enter what my husband affectionately refers to as the silly season, the group thought there would be no better topic to study than that of Thanks and Gratitude. This week as we read our Bibles, take and make note of the scriptures that “speak” to you. Stop for a moment and evaluate the verse and message using the SOAP Bible study method. Share your results in the comment area below.

In addition to leaving your scripture and it’s meaning and impact on you in the comments, please feel free to leave your comments and/or replies to the other group member’s discoveries in scriptures that have spoken to them.

Thanks & Gratitute

The scripture that I share below is one that I received this week in one of my daily devotional email subscriptions. The narrative said that Timothy traveled with Paul , although not always together,  and that Timothy was like a son to Paul in his faith. Paul was always praying for his friend and visa-verse. Their prayers for one another were a source of mutual encouragement.


“Timothy, I thank God for you–the God I serve with a clear conscience, just as my ancestors did. Night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers.”

2 Timothy 1:3, NLT


There are a lot of people in my life that are worthy of prayer.


I could/should pray for these people more often than I do.


Dear heavenly Father – help me to recognize the need, the importance and the simplicity of praying consistently for others, especially for those who do God’s work.

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