How to Provide Value

How I Provide The Most Value To My Clients

Curtis McHale recently asked me to share a time when I provided the most value to a client. Long story short, the time I provided the most value to a client should always be the last time I talked to any one of them.

My clients are looking for answers to questions, and solutions to problems. Questions and problems are their pain points. To meet my clients’ needs, it is my responsibility to, and imperative that I find the answers and solutions that ease their pain.

 Value Eases Pain Points

As an online business owner and web consultant, my clients benefit from my ability to find answers and provide solutions. This benefit is the value they find. It provides them with a significant advantage. It’s worth something or is useful to them even when compared to the price they pay. In most cases, it will be in their ROI (return on investment) in me – a benefit in the form of some increase in something like being more visible online, better branding, an increase in conversions or sales, or even their emotional well-being.

What that benefit is to any one client varies from client to client. By continually learning and widening my understanding of how I can help people, I can provide the most value by offering the benefit that is most important to them.

What is Value?

A single event can’t define when a client has received the most value.

More importantly, the value provided isn’t even limited to my clients! Providing the most value should include, and apply to, my clients, friends, relatives and even strangers. It is an ongoing, ever improving, changing and (hopefully) increasing amount of value I offer to anyone, anytime, every day.

I aspire to apply as many value characteristics as possible not only with my clients but with people in general on a regular basis – because, in reality, I am in the people business.

For me, providing value to others begins when I learn to recognize, develop and apply a learned set of values. Improving myself.

Early in my business, I set a standard for myself – a process to use and some principles I wanted to infuse into my work. To this day, my relationships need to have a win-win philosophy because, for me, this is important – not only in my business but my life. In doing so, I become more like the person I want to be. I want value enhancing characteristics to be part of my core being.

Here’s how I apply my values to provide value to others resulting in their benefit and my business success – that win-win philosophy.


As a parent, I acknowledge my children’s accomplishments. My boys gain self-worth and a sense of achievement, and I have added an asset to society.

I support my spouse in whatever he is doing (taking technical education classes, a handyman project, or even a new purchase). His benefit? Reduced stress while learning something new, completing a project, or a potential temporary financial hardship. What is in it for me? A peaceful home.

I make myself available to ill friends or relatives, so I am there whenever they need me. They get a shoulder to cry on, comfort, emotional relief, or faster recovery while I learn compassion.

I mentor veterans and provide them challenges to be all that they can be. Their benefit? Self-worth, new skills, and confidence. I get to feel good and expand my professional reach.

I assist beginner web designers and developers with completing their projects without doing it for them. Their value? A sense of accomplishment, skill growth, and less fear of taking on more advanced projects. I hone skills, stay proficient and meet new people.

I motivate others to teach me (and others) something they know. Their takeaway is an increase of self-confidence, exposure, and improved online presence. I obviously get to add to my growing toolbox and learn a new skill.

I tell people how much I appreciate them. Showing appreciation is such a simple thing to do, and it makes people feel good. It reiterates their self-worth and reinforces positivity. It makes me feel good too.

I give people the credit they deserve. Recognition provides positive reinforcement and builds mutual respect and trust. It also allows me to remember that I do not have to do everything myself and I can rely on others.

I help entrepreneurs reach their goals by suggesting intermediate steps along the way. Having a second set of eyes in an online world is priceless. The value for others is a sense of accomplishment, measurable results, and fruition. For me? It helps me to improve my ability to solve problems.

I share my knowledge, experience and understanding of things with anyone who wants to learn. Those willing get to learn something new; I get more experience, and a chance to, potentially, change someone’s life!

I provide additional or alternative perspectives to inspire growth within my mastermind groups. Trust, collaboration, respect, potential team building options are things that go both ways within a mastermind group.

I listen. And I do my best to hear. Ideally, their pain is understood, and there is potential for resolution. I improve my ability to look for what is truly important.

I care, and I am kind. This characteristic makes others feel good. My love for people grows.

I live by and encourage others to live the Golden Rule. This rule is the epitome of the win-win mentality. If everyone did this all of the time, everyone would win.

I respect everyone’s unique abilities. People realize they have value to provide. I have the potential to learn more.

I befriend strangers and network. Meeting new, and connecting with people is another strong example of win-win. It helps others and myself to find a new lead, a potential partner or referral.

I share laughs. Humor relief is essential and healthy for everyone.

How to Provide Value

There are so many opportunities that allow us to provide value – and in doing so, we enhance one another. Who I provide value to is not as important as the characteristic of the value provided. You can replace the who with anyone you wish to, and the value is still there.

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