Harry Potter's Owl

Photos Like Those from a Harry Potter Movie

It never ceases to amaze me how little about manipulating images most people really understand. And I really can’t blame them. There is no real reason for them to really know this information. But sometimes as a freelancer, we get requests that make us stop and think.

I mean really… think about it, who doesn’t think that the idea of someday having moving pictures in your home like those within some of the Harry Potter movies would be as cool as anything! And, in reality, we are actually not far from it (if you have an iPhone, use the “live” options it is pretty slick!).

But the fact remains that an image is still just a 2-dimensional object. We can’t change people’s ethnicity, replace people or move the people who are in the images. Even so, as a freelancer, we get asked about it all the time. Yes, it really happens.

All joking aside, it is our job as a freelance web designer or web developer to listen to what your customer is trying to say because they may not have or know the right words to use. At the same time, it’s important to explain these things and educate our customers to ensure they do have at least a general understanding.

Most importantly, know that as a freelancer you can survive and thrive when you connect and network with other freelancers. I can guarantee that whatever you are going through, someone has already been there, done that and can help you through it. I also know that when your part of any community, you also have something that someone else will need.

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