New and Used Guns For Sale – and More!

Yesterday was a lovely Thanksgiving. I actually enjoyed the cooking and everything turned out absolutely perfect. I had a lot of help in the kitchen from my husband (thanks, honey) and clean up was a snap too. We did end up with food enough for an army but who does not like Thanksgiving leftovers?

Much later last night, I spent some time working on our gun site; Used Guns For Sale – and More! Last week I redesigned the header and added the subscription. I really love the new look. It is all part of the new design and an effort to actually move closer to being able to directly connect the the folks that want to buy new and used guns for sale with the folks that have new and used guns for sale. I also added some additional links. As all my gun enthusiast friends know, if you are purchasing new and used guns for sale, eventually you need a place to store them safely and securely. And this is where we find ourselves once again… in need of a gun safe. So, I figured I might as well share this Gun Safes resource. They have a a wide variety of brands to fit any gun storage need.

We slept in again this morning. This is a habit I could SO get used to (don’t tell my business partner, haha!). The rest of the day was lazy. Laundry, and other minor household chores. Tonight we are planning to go to the movies. We will be seeing The Fourth Kind. I will write a review tomorrow… maybe, lol.

Tomorrow I will be back at work. The usual Saturday for me. I take the kiddo to a place filled with bouncing houses. He bounces, I work. The place offers free Wi-fi, coffee and they have the best homemade burritos with salsa.

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