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I am not exactly sure what I will do with my site. It is not like I will have a lot visitors and quite frankly, I would prefer they visit my income generating sites. So, for now I guess I will use it as a journal and see where it leads me.

I saw on a friends Facebook wall yesterday the question of what are you thankful for. I had to reply. My answer was:

1. God

2. Life

3. Family

4. Friends

That is what I am truly thankful for. Really, what else do I need?

Today I am taking the day off to spend with my family. As you can see that has not worked out too well – here I am; working, so to speak. The kiddo stayed up all night and now is crashed on the couch. The hubby and I cleaned this morning and he is relaxing in the back room and watching TV. SO, of course, I take the opportunity to work on my sites. I love the fact that we CAN do this this sort of thing.

turkeyTomorrow is going to be different. Typically, at this time of year, we have visitors staying with us. This Thanksgiving we are here alone. It will be strange cooking for just three. We had to buy a 13 pound turkey – it was the smallest they had! Geeze, we will be eating a lot of leftovers. We shopped a few days ago and we decided that even though it is only the three of us, we would do the whole deal. The menu is Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, relish tray, holiday cider, corn, rolls, pumpkin pie, cheese cake, pecan tarts and s’mores . The s’mores was an add on by the kiddo, lol. I am looking forward to a lazy day with food, football and family.

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