My Business

Ultimate Solution, LLCAs I mentioned in my About page, it was not until the end of August 2009 that my hobby and desire to learn about creating website pages, using my computer for something productive and the Internet transitioned into my business. There was no better time than at that moment to begin working from home.

I own, manage and run Ultimate Solution, LLC. and my business website is called The Ultimate Solution. The Ultimate Solution is a web consulting, design, development and internet assistance company offering quick and simple, low-cost answers to web site promotion and internet marketing.

Most of my clients are very new to the internet world, web site building and web site promotion. Many do not even know the importance of building themselves a reputable online presence. I focus on ways to help my clients achieve their website and internet wants and needs.

I guide small business owners and entrepreneurs toward success by providing them internet business solutions.

I teach most of my clients how to use the WordPress platform and content management system but I have also an extensive knowledge of other content management systems, managing and moderating forums, running chat rooms and working with e-commerce internet store fronts. Ultimate Solution, LLCI can assist with finding and registering domains, web hosting, web hosting management and website security and integrity. In addition, I am well educated in social media, internet and affiliate marketing. If there is something that you need that I am not capable of or have a limited knowledge of, I will not mislead you and I will let you know upfront. In most cases, I will be able to provide another contact for you that will be able to meet your needs.

You can find more information by visiting US at The Ultimate Solution. If you prefer, you may contact me through my business email.