Home Chef Recipe Categories

Home Chef Recipe Categories Have Exactly What You Are Looking For

You might be wanting to try Home Chef but hesitant because you don’t know if the food you get will meet your dietary needs.

Watch this 10-minute video where I share some of what’s inside a membership and what you can expect when it comes to choosing your meals. Be sure to read the article too, because it contains some information not found in the video.

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The Secret is Being Able to Choose From the Home Chef Recipe Categories You Want

At the time of this post, Home Chef offers meals from 18 different recipe categories. Each category page on the Home Chef website displays 24 meals within a category at a time. Most recipe categories have additional pages to navigate to, to see even more variety. The most popular recipe categories contain more than 5 pages  – that’s more than 120 meals in each of those categories! Not enough..? New recipes are added regularly so all of the recipe categories are going to continue to grow.

Keep in mind that for the most part, Home Chef meals are designed for your main meal of the day but they are growing and do offer other options as well. I broke their categories into four different groups – dietary type meals, meat (and seafood) meals, other meals, and favorite meals. You can find the names of the Home Chef recipe categories and how many recipes for each category listed below.

Home Chef Recipe Categories

Dietary Restrictive 

  • Vegetarian Recipes – 6 pages
  • Nut Fee Recipes – 6 pages
  • Poultry Recipes – 6 pages
  • Soy Free Recipes – 5 pages
  • Gluten Free Recipes – 5 pages
  • Low Calorie & Low Carb Recipes – 4 pages
  • Low Cal Recipes – 2 pages
  • Low Carb Recipes – 10 recipes and growing
  • Dairy FreeRecipes – 3 pages

Meat and Seafood 

  • Beef Recipes – 2 pages
  • Lamb Recipes – 2 recipes and growing
  • Pork Recipes – 3 Pages
  • Seafood Recipes – 3 pages

Breakfast, Dessert, and Add-ons

  • Breakfast Recipes – 3 pages
  • Dessert Recipes – 2 recipes and growing
  • Smoothies – 2 pages
  • Premium Recipes – 13 recipes and growing

Staff and Customer Favorites

  • Customer Favorite Recipes – 5 pages
  • Staff Picks – 3 pages

During the video, I also went behind the scenes to show you a what a week of menu options might look like. What I forgot to mention is that I love that I can plan ahead and be sure not to order too much of the same type of food too often. As much as one may love shrimp, how many weeks in a row do you really want to eat it, right?

Home Chef meal plans allow you to choose your meals up to 5 weeks ahead of time. Meal planning has become a fun family task that saves me time.

Plan Meals 5 Weeks Out!

Being a freelancer and working from home I often lose track of time – there never seems to be enough. Home Chef is easy for me to use without losing any work time. And the best part is I can prepare and cook our entire meal in a lot less time because everything is already portioned out and packaged together for me. It doesn’t get much easier.

How Home Chef Works

And don’t forget, you can pause, skip, change or resume your plan anytime you might need to.

If you’re on the cusp of wanting to try a Home Chef subscription (home cooking made simple) delivered right to your door, now you know that they have the recipe categories that you might need. Don’t hesitate! Try Home Chef now and enjoy all of its simplicity. You’ll be glad you did!

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