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smSnowflakeBeen a rainy and very cold day here in southern New Mexico. Expecting snow overnight and possibly the closure of school the next few days. Sigh… I have to admit, I am ready for school to be back in session. My schedule needs to get back into my regular routine.

manger+fontaniniWe started putting up the Christmas tree yesterday and added some ornaments today, but it is no where near being completed. I don’t know where my stash of extra hooks went to (they should have been with the ornaments but are likely somewhere where I would not forget, lol). I think I want to keep the decs simple again this year. Maybe just the tree and a few pieces of my Fontanini collection. I would love to find a safe public place I could put the Fontanini on display to share but for now, I think I will have to settle with just displaying a few pieces around the house.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to attempting to getting back into my routine. I need to get some work done!

Ta ta for now!

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