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Gravity FormsIn this short, quick tutorial, I created a form using the Gravity Forms plugin by Rocket Genius.  If, after reading this article and watching the video, you are interested in making a Gravity Forms purchase for yourself, please visit my OWNWP discount code page. On that page, you’ll find a $50 discount coupon code and link made especially for you to make your Gravity Forms purchase (affiliate link).

My task during this video is to provide a way for an organization to track how many people will attend an annual meeting and training event. The concept of the task is to include a form on an event information page within the organization’s website.

This is the process the organization wants to implement:

  • People interested in attending a free event will complete the form on the event webpage.
  • The organization administrator will receive a copy of the information submitted on the form.
  • The registrant will receive a copy of the information they submitted.

In order to be successful in completing the process smoothly, a number of things must occur.

  • The form must collect enough information for the organizer to have what they need.
  • The information on the form needs to automatically send an email to the organization administrator.
  • A receipt of the information submitted on the form needs to automatically be sent to the registrant.
  • It would be nice if the registrant’s email also included a message regarding the details of the event’s time and location.
  • The form must be added to the event page on the website.

The video tutorial below, demonstrates my process to complete this task using the Gravity Forms plugin.

Gravity Forms Makes Creating Forms Easy

The form includes a name (first and last), email address, mailing address and phone number. Because this form was created for a specific event, all fields in my Gravity Form are set to be required. This means a registrant cannot submit the form until all the required information is provided.

Once the form itself was created, I added a notification email. The notification email auto-generates an email which gets sent to the organizations administrator so they would get a copy of the information submitted by the person wanting to attend this event.

I also added a notification email that would automatically be generated back to the registrant once they “hit” the submit button on the form. Within the message of that notification email, I included the details of the event time and location so the registrant has a reminder of what the event is that they registered for. I also included a copy of the information they sent so they have a receipt of what information they provided to the organization.

Lastly, I used the Gravity Forms integration to add the form to the webpage via short code.

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