Generosity Builds Trust

I can and will be generous with all the money and time that I have. This does not mean I will be a pushover and work for nothing but it does mean I can and will conduct my business fairly. Generosity and respect for God places my trust in Him, not in money for my justice or my security.

Good comes to those who lend money generously and conduct their business fairly.
Psalm 112:5, NLT

Generosity will cure two problems that money can create. The rich man may abuse others in his desire to accumulate wealth. Generosity will eliminate that abuse. Also, the fear of losing money can be a snare.

Having money is not a sin. Loving money is. I will not desire wealth at the expense of others. My desire for wealth includes bringing as many along for the ride that I can. If it is to be, then it shall be – I may as well enjoy and share whatever it is that I do have.

Any wealth that I may accumulate is here because of the grace and blessing of God. I must always remember that all on this earth belong to God, I am merely here to do what I can with what I have in honor and glory of God. I can place all of my trust in God. I pray for the ability of doing so.


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