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Forever! These Freelance Summit Secrets Can Change Your Life

Take the stress out of freelancing.

Are you are a freelancer, new or otherwise, who feels like it is you against the world? Maybe it seems like all you do is work, work, work, only to find you are stuck, up to your neck and struggling to find any hint of success or relief. Or is it like sometimes your frustration builds up so deep that you feel like you are only moments away from bringing the (headbang) emoji to real life and it is going to be your head hitting the wall before long?

Kerry CarronWhy You Should Sign Up For This Freelance Summit

I am here to tell you, you are not alone. Every freelancer I know has gone through, is going through and probably will continue to go through everything you ever feel as a freelancer. It’s true. You’re not alone.

Nathan IngramAt the end of March 2017 (the 27th – 29th), my friend, Nathan Ingram (someone I know, like and trust 100%), will be instructing and I will be participating in an event called the Freelance Summit for iThemes. I would like to invite you to join me and the rest of my online friends in this unique opportunity to have Nathan, walk us through his freelance process for success.

Invest NOW in Yourself and Your Business

Forever for the Better

This 3-day marathon of information and tactical business process and application can be just what you need to change your freelance mindset forever for the better.

  • You’ll immediately stop feeling like you’re on a deserted island.
  • You’ll finally believe that you are not alone.
  • Hitting dead ends will become a part of your past.
  • You’ll no longer need to “make it up” as you go.

You’ll learn how to stop being a slave to your business and begin learning how to use it as the vehicle to achieve all of your hopes, dreams, and goals.

  • You’ll feel confidence replacing your doubts.
  • You’ll learn how to be more productive.
  • You’ll understand how to build great client relationships.
  • You’ll acquire skills for marketing yourself and your business.

Think of the Freelance Summit as a business health retreat — a few days devoted to focusing ON your business instead of always having to work in your business.

Still not sure if this type of training is right for you? Here is a sample of another similar training that Nathan has provided. Watch, Listen. Learn. Then click the button to a better business and join us at the Freelance Summit.

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The Button to a Better Business

There’s Never Been a More Important Time to Buy The Freelance Summit

  1. Now is the time to start making the changes you need to in order to experience the business results that you want.
  2. Acting today is always better than waiting until tomorrow.
  3. This event is approaching quickly and it will be here before we know it.

All of those reasons are great reasons for there not being a better time to get your ticket to the Freelance Summit event. But the best reason why there has never been a better time to buy the Freelance Summit tickets is because of the discount pricing that is not going to last long. Please don’t miss it.

Check it out! Save $50 Off Freelance Summit Registration for a limited time.

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