Fear of Missing Out Secrets: How To Get To Retirement

Fighting the fear of missing out is a serious challenge. It’s time to start thinking about what you know you will be missing out on in your future by wasting your money now on the things and experiences you think you might be missing out on now.

Don’t let the Fear Of Missing Out wreck your future at the expense of the present. Click To TweetLet’s look at a way you can use the Fear Of Missing Out to feed your financial future – rather than your financial ruin.

Feed Your Future – Not Your Fear of Missing Out

Fight Fear of Missing Out for RetirementDon’t Miss Out on Retirement

Road tripping with friends across the country right now could produce some priceless memories. No doubt you would enjoy it. You know how you could bring that saying, “when there is a will there is a way” into your reality to attend. But, what could be even more priceless, is planning now to take that trip with your spouse and your entire family once you’ve retired. Cutting your travel budget now and putting the extra into an IRA could be the difference between a life of leisure and dying at your desk – living paycheck to paycheck.

Consider opening a vacation club account, saving a little bit at a time, for some really great excursions. How about an around-the-world cruise you take with your family later on in life? Surely that excursion outweighs a weekend trip to the mountains right next weekend, right? You probably would have had to pinch the budget pretty tightly to make the present day trip anyway. Besides, with your long-term savings, you can make arrangements that don’t have to include sitting for 16 hours in the seat of a car. This savings emphasis doesn’t mean giving up on travel and other fantastic events, it simply helps you to save and plan for events that will really matter.

You don’t have to think of saving or planning as not being able to have wonderful experiences.You won’t be missing out on anything; you’re saving for the bigger and better experiences. Think of it as investing in your journey into the future with adventures you know you don’t want to miss.

Watch for more ways to fight the Fear of Missing Out Secrets in our continuing mini-series.

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