Don’t Make Me Think

I had a friend ask me for a book recommendation today. He wanted to know about any good website design books.

I found myself reading and re-reading this book many times. I keep it as a quick and simple resource when I am building websites and blogs. It definitely follows the KISS principle by keeping it simple – and unlike many other website related details… it really is easy. Don'tMakeMeThink

Don’t Make Me Think is written by Steve Krug and is my favorite book regarding website design and development. The book is filled with great examples and is a very easy read. I think the whole book took me 3 hours maximum to read. Besides it being easy to read and hard to put down, I found the applications to be easy to follow and apply.

This book would be a good book for anyone. From those just interested in learning a little more about why they like some websites they visit compared to others when they are surfing, to those interested in developing websites or blogs themselves or having one built for them.

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