Creative Crafts and Stickers Goop Recipe

I stayed up into the wee morning hours working on our newest aquisition… a creative crafts and stickers site that also includes scrapbooking. We took over this established site a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, we could not access the databases directly and were not able to copy the content stored on the databases prior to the old owner’s hosting being terminated. This was by no fault of the previous owner, we love you Jen! – it was hosting issues.  Regardless, we now have to manually re-enter all the data we were able to get a copy off of the site itself. It is a long tedious process but will be worth it in the end for both us and our regular users.

recipes_350x299One of the top ways that people have been finding the site is by a google search for Goop. I am sure that the search was from some of the old pages because I had not yet added that content back into the site, So I thought it best that I get it back in there. I spent the night adding Goop and other craft recipes into the blog.  I did not finish them all but I will be able to add some more in the next few days.

School was not cancelled today. Ironically, by the time the school day was over though, they did determine that for tomorrow they will for sure have a 2 hour delay. It has not even begun to snow!

At least I was able to focus and get myself back into my daily routine today. I managed to install and organize a site as well as add some content. More of that tomorrow. I also plan to add some links so my users can connect to the services that they need and finish the recipes.

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