Crazy for God!

I received this letter in an email and it hit such an accord with me I quickly replied to the sender (Thank you Debra) and asked permission to post it here. I hope you all get something from it too!

Hello Kerry!

I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to include you in this email to everyone. Enjoy!


I just wanted to share something crazy that God was speaking to my heart.

Each morning, I turn on some quiet music to help me focus on God so that I can spend some time with him in prayer and worship. But today, as I scanned my iTunes list for my usual favorite, I had a crazy idea. I thought, “Today, I think I’ll play Kristi’s tune.” (Kristi is my niece and she leads a Christian band called “Goliath Down”.) My first reaction was, “Whoa! That’s not slow and quiet!” But dancing before God is worship, too, right? …so I put it on and began to jump around and shout to the tune of “Crazy Idea”.

Crazy idea! Our God is a God of crazy ideas…crazy ideas that work!

God came up with the idea of simply opening up his mouth and speaking…and atoms were created, molecules were formed, and the universe came into existence! God tells us that we can speak his Word in faith and the molecules around us will begin bending and reshaping to form the will of God here on earth! What a crazy idea…but it works!

Jesus picked twelve no-name disciples to teach (and at times, it didn’t seem like he had much to work with!) but he put his Word and life in them and they changed the course of the world. What a crazy idea…but it worked! God has chosen each one of us (some crazier than others!) and given us the same identical power that raised Christ from the dead and told us to go out and fulfill the hope of our calling and turn the world upside down. What a crazy idea! But it works…when we work it in faith!

Who’d have thought that God would have chosen an insurance telephone representative, a housewife, a retiree, a security guard, a truck driver, a handy man, a quilter, an engineer, a school bus driver, a mystery shopper, a makeup artist, a webmaster, and a flute teacher— and whoever else—to go out and change the world…but he has. What a crazy idea…but it works, if we believe him and go out in obedience and work it.

God is not a god-in-a-box. He works outside the box. And we are not people of the box. God wants to move us outside of the box of our own ideas and our own limitations. He’s waiting to move us into his wide open spaces and begin to live crazy lives of faith and follow crazy ideas of holy inspiration—and turn the world upside down in our generation!

God plants crazy ideas inside of our hearts. You know, those ideas that when they peek up, we shake our heads and say, “That’s crazy!” Well, God is the God of crazy ideas! Ask him if that particular idea is one of his, and if it is, then pursue it!

So if you have a crazy idea from God, get with it! If you don’t have one, then ask for it. And if you have a few old crazy dreams on the shelf covered in layers of dust, pull them down and wipe them off. God is the God of new beginnings, the God of now and present fulfillment, and the God of making his crazy ideas work.

So be crazy in God in 2013. Make this the best year yet…it is the hope of our calling! Answer that crazy idea of God’s…and watch CRAZY come to pass!

All my love,

P.S. This is highly unusual for me—and behind Krisit’s back (YIKES! I hope I don’t embarrass her)—but I’m including a link to her “Crazy Idea” video on YouTube for you to dance and worship God to.

And anyone who can, please help her crazy idea come true by purchasing a copy here –>

…and by passing this email along to all your would-be-crazy-in-God friends!

So as we begin anew, I ask you to… Ask God if that particular crazy idea you are thinking about is one of his, and if it is, pursue it with passion! Have you ever had any crazy ideas from God in the past that you may have acted upon? If so, we would love to have you share your results.


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