Welcome back everyone! I’m excited to be able to offer this series preview for our new  “Unique” series.

The series has a lot of written material so I am not certain how it will work as an online event. I have not yet had a chance to completely review the materials though.

From what I have been able to see thus far, the series appears similar to a Journey Trek class that my husband and I have attended addressing and identifying our own unique God given gifts. If it is anywhere near as interesting as the Trek class, I’m sure that you all are going to love this series.

Once I go through all of the existing materials, I will be at determining how to best present this series opportunity as an online event. Worst case scenario, I will be requesting your mailing address and I can mail out the written materials.

Without further ado and in anticipation of our upcoming sermon series titled, “Unique,” Pastor David would like for you to check out this video message:



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