20131015-Profile2Welcome to the Online Small Group! My name is Kerry Carron and I facilitate many of our live Online Small Group events. I am not in charge, nor do I know more about any of this than any one else, I just happen to be the one to organize this particular group.

You might be wondering what you have gotten yourself into even considering joining an online small group. Well there is no need to worry. Let me tell you a little bit about what our online group is all about.

In this group and during each live event you’ll typically hear a short teaching and maybe a testimony. We watch video clips, have slide shows, participate in polls and we make time to discuss the subject among the group via voice and a chat window that you can type responses into.

Our Small Group Live  Events

Our small group meets for about an hour, online each week. The process is simple:

  • Join the Online Small Group using our small group form.
  • Use the link in the email invitation to find instructions to connect the night of the event.

The group starts promptly at their scheduled time, however, feel free to log in 15 minutes early to get “set up”.

If you have never attended an event before, don’t worry. Take it one step at a time and follow the process the best that you can. We recommend showing up about 15 minutes early to allow some time to set up your computer and familiarize yourself with the presentation process.

It is also OK to click the links you get in your email ahead of time. If the event is not available yet it will let you know that and ask you to return at the appropriate time. The event scheduler typically signs in 15 minutes early to help answer any questions and to get people organized.

Due to the groups agreement regarding confidentiality, Live events are NOT recorded for replay – a written recap and any video clips will be available for those that miss the live event or want to re-visit the session.

Small Group Expectations

During the first live event, we discussed expectations to ensure that we were all on the same page.

The group meets each week online via webinar for approximately 1 hour. Typically, webinars are scheduled for Thursday evenings Mountain Time. You can register for and invite anyone to any of the scheduled events. You can find the webinar schedule in the sidebar. The information that is collected during registration is NOT public information and will be kept confidential. Only online small group members who are on the notification email list (Join Small Group form) will be sent invitations to the events.

Being an online small group presents some unique challenges, especially an online, open and public group. The internet is a very big place, therefore we understand if you choose to use your initials or only your first name when leaving replies or logging into any of the live events.

Small Group Ground Rules

The group also laid out some ground rules. Our rules are here to provide boundaries. This ensures that the time we spend in group is both beneficial and rewarding. When and if you do leave comments or join our live events, please keep these rules in mind.

1. Respect Differences

This is to remind us to be gentle and gracious to people with different spiritual maturity, personal opinions temperaments or imperfections. Keep in mind we’re all a work in progress.

2. Create a Safe Environment

This group needs to be a safe place where people can be heard and feel loved. Please no quick answers, snap judgments or simple fixes.

3. Confidentiality

For trust to form a group it’s important to remember that anything shared in a group is strictly confidential. Also, avoid sharing improper information about those outside of the group.

4.Communicate if You’re Going to Miss Group

As a common courtesy it is important to have good communication with the other members of the group. Each of our live events will have a separate registration link each week. This gives the webinar host at least an idea of who and how many to expect and are planning to attend.

We look forward to having you in our group. God be with you.