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Fast Fix It Solutions for the Lonely Isolated Freelancer

I work with a lot of freelancers and one thing that has become abundantly clear is that at some point and time we have all felt like a lonely, isolated … Keep on Reading

The Richest Person on Earth

I just got done reading my life application email today and felt compelled to write a quick post. Many of you know that I have my own business and have … Keep on Reading

Crazy for God!

I received this letter in an email and it hit such an accord with me I quickly replied to the sender (Thank you Debra) and asked permission to post it … Keep on Reading


As I get older, more and more of my friends, family and relatives are moving from their home here on earth to their new home with Jesus. Although I am … Keep on Reading

Thanks & Gratitute

Thanks and Gratitude

As we enter what my husband affectionately refers to as the silly season, the group thought there would be no better topic to study than that of Thanks and Gratitude. … Keep on Reading

Focus on the Giver

It is a Good Thing to Receive Wealth

When I focus more on the Giver than the gift, I can be content with what I have and realize that with God I have everything I need.

And it

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