Generosity Builds Trust

I can and will be generous with all the money and time that I have. This does not mean I will be a pushover and work for nothing but it … Keep on Reading


Make Your Boss’ Job Easier

At first glance I may ask myself why would I want to make my boss’ job easier? The answer is simply because it is the right thing to do. And … Keep on Reading


The Good, The Bad and…

…the ugly? Sometimes my life is not all coffee and roses. I have bad times and I have down right ugly (the really, really difficult) times. It can seem like … Keep on Reading


Wisdom Will Help You Succeed

I love learning and do what I can to continue to learn whatever I can, whenever I can. I call myself a student of life. I often look at where … Keep on Reading

Getting Guidance and Advice

Doing my own due diligence is something I have learned that I need to do when I am faced with any decision. Bigger decisions often require moreĀ  due diligence.


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Growing Through Association

Choosing to associate with like-minded people or people with the characteristics that I would like to develop in my own life, makes it more likely that those will be the … Keep on Reading