My Father Carries Me

Father's Day 2015

My Father passed away more than 15 years ago and still, each time I see foot prints I am reminded of his favorite poem and miss him. Just as my … Keep on Reading

Snow in Southern New Mexico?

Saga of the iStone: The Ice Age

Chapter 4

It is early afternoon the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The region is expecting snow over the next two days, actual, measurable snow. Growing up in the mid-west, snow was … Keep on Reading

End of the iStone

Saga of the iStone: The Jurassic Age

Chapter 3

After the power outage from the night before, Saturday morning was much the same as any other. Tristan is finally going to sleep after all night gaming online … Keep on Reading

Power Mac G4 QuickSilver

Saga of the iStone: Prehistoric Times

Chapter 2

Anyone who knows us, knows that computers are nothing new to our clan. Let me give you “a visual” of out history through time.

iMac in 1998

iMac – 1998

We … Keep on Reading

Living Back in the Day

Saga of the iStone: Back in the Day

Chapter 1

A week ago Friday we had a power outage in our neighborhood. It was not even the whole town, just our neighborhood. It was shortly before 5pm and … Keep on Reading

Lincoln, NM

From Ruidoso Downs to Hondo

The ride began well before 9am. We weren’t sure if the weather would hold or if the clouds would build and the rain would pour. What we did know was … Keep on Reading