Our Prepared Pad Thai

Preparing Our First Home Chef Meal

Last night I prepared our first meal from our first Home Chef shipment. I have to say, between NOT being a cook and having to remember to record or … Keep on Reading

My Father Carries Me

Father's Day 2015

My Father passed away more than 15 years ago and still, each time I see foot prints I am reminded of his favorite poem and miss him. Just as my … Keep on Reading

Snow in Southern New Mexico?

Saga of the iStone: The Ice Age

Chapter 4

It is early afternoon the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The region is expecting snow over the next two days, actual, measurable snow. Growing up in the mid-west, snow was … Keep on Reading

End of the iStone

Saga of the iStone: The Jurassic Age

Chapter 3

After the power outage from the night before, Saturday morning was much the same as any other. Tristan is finally going to sleep after all night gaming online … Keep on Reading

Power Mac G4 QuickSilver

Saga of the iStone: Prehistoric Times

Chapter 2

Anyone who knows us, knows that computers are nothing new to our clan. Let me give you “a visual” of out history through time.

iMac in 1998

iMac – 1998

We … Keep on Reading

Living Back in the Day

Saga of the iStone: Back in the Day

Chapter 1

A week ago Friday we had a power outage in our neighborhood. It was not even the whole town, just our neighborhood. It was shortly before 5pm and … Keep on Reading