Amazing Stories WEEK 5- Noah

Let’s take a closer look at insight from your SOAP assignment. Which of the four days of scripture spoke the loudest to you?

Day 1: Psalm 90:10-12
Day 2: 1 Timothy 6:6-10
Day 3: Colossians 3:23-24
Day 4: Ephesians 5:21-6:4

Share with the group and/or paste your revelation in the comments below.

What, if any, parallels do you see in Noah’s day and ours?

What are your main concerns about the culture that we live in?

Scripture: Psalm 31:24


24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.


24 Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon.


24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Scripture: Joshua 1:9


9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”


9 Haven’t I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don’t be timid; don’t get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take.”


9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Is it more difficult to be a Christian today that it was thirty years ago? Explain your answer.

How concerned are you about our culture and its negative impact on you and your family?

What should be our response to the collision in culture be?

Do you think Noah ever had any doubts aor ever considered NOT doing what God had asked?

Share with the group any doubts you have had, and how God has helped you get through them, and strengthened your faith.

Why is courage so important, especially in light of our witness to a lost world?

Amazing Stories Bible Series

SOAP assignment:

Day 1: Joshua 1:1-9
Day 2: 2 Corinthians 5:1-10
Day 3: 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

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This concludes the Amazing Stories Series study. On behalf of The Worship Center, we sincerely pray that your lives have been richly blessed and enriched over the last several weeks. We pray for your continued learning and inspiration from these amazing stories.

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