Welcome to the Amazing Stories Bible Series. I am so excited to be able to offer this series compliments of and with permission from The Worship Center in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Amazing Stories Bible SeriesThe Amazing Stories Series is a five week Bible Study series (six if you are counting this post as a session). The sessions are originally offered as a live event and scheduled for the next five weeks, however, you can easily complete the series on your own as each week session is posted with accompanying videos.

Each week we will be looking at and studying some amazing stories from the Bible. Not only will we hear the stories but we will learn the how and why information we need to know that these are more than just stories and that they are true.

These stories are important because as we uncover and learn from them, they guide us into the God of the story. We will gain a better image of God. We will get a truer sense of our role in the biggest and most amazing story of all.

The Amazing Stories series also provides us with the opportunity to gain incredible insight into the Old Testament. If allowed, these stories can inspire and challenge you. Most importantly they can motivate you into taking action in life as well as in business.

Copyright © 2014 by The Worship Center (Used by permission)

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