Kerry Carron 2015It seems very strange to have an “About” page on any personal blog and then even more strange to have to write a page of information about me for my personal blog. I started this blog in November 2009 just because I bought the domain name. I bought the domain name because I know the significance of owning the dot com version of … well, me and my name. When I started my blog, I was not sure what I was going to write about or how often I was going to write. And besides, who would want to read about me? Needless to say, I have realized that I love to blog.

Most of my social media profiles describe me as, “Loving wife and mom, website designer/developer, Internet marketer but… mostly just an avid student of life.”  Or at least something similar. All are true and reflective of who and what I am and my ongoing journey of becoming all that I can and all that I was meant to be. So, with that being said, let me explain my self-description in a little more detail.

I am married. My husband’s name is Michael. Michael is the love of my life and the best thing that ever happened to me – a true soul mate. We were married in February 1995 and have a heck of a first date story. They say opposites attract and in many aspects we fit this stereotype but we also have the right combination of similarities to tightly bond our relationship. I am truly blessed to have Michael in my life and am thrilled that I get to spend my life with him and that we get to grow old together.

I am a mother of three boys. Two, from my first marriage, the third arriving just after a year into my second marriage. I am loving my time now as an “empty nester”. I have totally enjoyed being a mom and now am able to enjoy watching all three boys as adults, out, and living their own lives. I even became a “Grammy” in February of 2010.

I once had a career as an air traffic controller. Michael was also in air traffic (and how we met). I had watched that career affect my husband’s health and realized that I was heading down the same and unwanted road which led me to resign in 2001 after working air traffic for 17+ plus years. Michael had retired from air traffic six months earlier. It took us few years to regroup, recover and rebuild our lives after leaving air traffic. It was during this time I first noticed I had an interest and desire to learn about creating website pages, using my computer for something productive and the Internet.

By 2003 I was creating web pages and simple informational sites in what I thought was just a fun hobby and new skill to add to my toolbox. In 2006 I starting getting serious and aggressive in learning more about website design and development. I was hungry to learn all that I could. I have long since given in and admitted that I am a computer geek and most importantly that I really have a passion for web design, site development, internet marketing, and entrepreneurialism.

As I became more and more familiar with WordPress, the Internet and all its powerful applications, many friends, and friends of friends, started asking and paying me to help them install, build and upgrade their websites. For me, learning website development was simply a result of necessity. I had a “need to know” for myself… well, that and I did not want to have to pay for something (or anything for that matter) that I could learn to do myself.

It was not until the end of August 2009, however, that my hobby would transition to business. A result of my employer at the time completely dissolving my position and leaving me without any income source. I decided to focus on ways to help others achieve their website ideas, putting my own computer use and knowledge to use – which by now was quite extensive.

I launched my start up business in September 2009 and in 2011 The Ultimate Solution (US) became an LLC. The Ultimate Solution provides solutions for online success through teaching, mentoring and offering services in web design and development, web hosting, website security and maintenance, SEO and analytics, online marketing and WordPress instruction. You can find more information by visiting US at The Ultimate Solution.

That brings me to the “avid student of life” part of my self-description. I am a firm believer that education does not and should not end upon completion of formal education, ie. school. In fact, I believe that the only way to continue to grow and move from where I am to where I want to be – to reach my goals, to become all that I want to become, to improve myself – is to never stop learning. Therefore, I am a perpetual student and my course of study is life.

As my business evolved and I became better at being an entrepreneur while building my freelance business, I realized the importance of having a life outside and away from the technology that I love. Working long hours and being very sedentary began to have an effect on my family relationships and perhaps even more frightening, my health. In either case, I had to be the one to change.

My long-term goals have always been to be able to work from home and spend my time doing all of the things I love to do (work included), when I want to do them. This meant learning how to balance my work and my life – even though work is a big part of my life. Interestingly, what I learned is that I can implement my business into my life, and my life into my business – and that is what this blog is all about.