Welcome to Week 2 of your 30 days to live experience group.

Before we get into today’s study, we’re going to highlight an important value in group formation. You probably noticed that in addition to this being a great first study for a group, that we also try to provide you with information and skills that you could choose to use, when and if you decide, to begin your own small group.

This week’s group forming value is: Everyone gives, and everyone receives!

30 Days to Live ChallengeThis value means everyone shares the responsibility that comes with being part of a group. So in the weeks to come, we are also going to discuss positions within the group that can help a group run smoothly.

This week we are introducing a position called the host helper. With a regular group that meets offline, the host helper is in charge of the calendar and makes sure that the food and drinks are covered for each week’s meeting.

With an online group, a scheduler position may be more appropriate. The scheduler would be the person who takes the time to schedule the webinar each week. Scheduling webinars is as easy as signing into a particular webinar delivery system and filling out some simple forms with correct dates, times and subject matter.

If you’re planning to hold a regular meeting using the information here, we recommend you take a moment now and determine who in the group is going to volunteer to be the host helper.  And if you’re an online group, you can use this time to determine if a webinar scheduler is necessary and if so, who in the group is going to step up to the plate to be the webinar scheduler. Online groups may decide that a webinar scheduler may not yet be needed but just keep the concept in mind as the group grows. Having this position may prove to be a God send.

Alright, now let’s go head and watch this week’s testimonial.

Focus Fully Introduction

Before we get into any additional discussion, let’s talk a little bit about the fact that community is messy. The Worship Center has been kind enough to include some helpful tips to make sure that our community is not so messy.

One of the common issues that tend to come up in a new community group is awkward pauses within the discussions. We all know that these can sometimes be uncomfortable. But we are asked to not be afraid of them. It’s important to think and to give other people time to think as the questions are presented. So, here’s the tip, if you have no desire to answer question, just type in or say “pass”. This lets everyone know that you would rather not answer the question.

Now, back to the discussion. Let me ask you, would you be willing to give up Facebook? When I saw this I was like, “Wow. Give up Facebook?” Granted, I personally don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook but what I found interesting is that this video reminded me of my Catholic days growing up and going through Lent and having to give something up. I remember at first, it always seems like a difficult decision – but in the end, the things that I ended up giving up did not truly hold any real value.

Now let’s join Pastor Dave As he talks about our next key area priorities for the 30 days to live challenge.

Pastor Dave and Focus Fully

Focus Fully Scripture:

I must work the works of Him who sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work. ~ John 9:4 (KJV)

Discussion Questions:

1. How do values get trampled by valuables?

2. What factors should be considered when clarifying God’s call on your life?

3. In your opinion, how do people develop convictions?

Those are some pretty tough questions – and with tough questions come tough answers and tough challenges. Let’s watch Pastor Dave and confront our 30 Days to Live challenge of the week.

The Focus Fully Challenge

This Week’s Challenge:

Share with the group how you need to change your priorities. Share how you are going to make that happen this week.

So. We have been challenged to re-look at our priorities this week. How motivated are you to make some changes? Let’s take a moment and evaluate ourselves and share and declare on a scale of 1-3, One, being very motivated and three, being I need some motivation from the group. So leave us a comment and your thoughts on this. And will see you next week for week three of your 30 days to live experience group.


1 thought on “30 Days to Live – Focus Fully”

  1. We had some great discussion tonight. Here are some of the things that came up during the live event regarding the questions:

    1. How do values get trampled by valuables?
    Our focus ends up on things that hold no real value.
    Our priorities get jumbled.
    We miss what is really important

    2. What factors should be considered when clarifying God’s call on your life?
    Look for your God given talents and learn to recognize them.

    3. In your opinion, how do people develop convictions?
    “Seeing” God within our life.
    Our belief systems.

    How we need to change your priorities. How we are going to make that happen this week.

    Many of the group members spend a lot of time on their computers and many realize that spending more time with their spouses and their family members would likely be a better use of time. Organizing time and placing weight on the appropriate priority were other concerns.

    Scheduling time to be at the computer and more importantly, scheduling time away from the computer is a starting point. Learning HOW to schedule out time and setting specific time aside for our spouses and family were planned to be action items in this week’s challenge.

    Please feel free to share and post additional thoughts below.

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