The Gift of Love

Valentine's Day 2017

Note to Self – Feb 2017

Take Action Every Day

All in Day’s Work!

I recently received a message and had this conversation with a fellow freelancer. I have rearranged a bit of the conversation for better continuity and added a few details for … Keep on Reading

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Note To Self – Jan 2017

Serve Others

Here’s to YOU, My Friends!

New Year 2017

There are so many ways that I have celebrated the end of one and the beginning of another… be it drinks or years!

In honor of my many drinking (and no drinking) friends around the world, here’s a little guide to toasting in different languages. I recommend trying each one with it’s own dedicated drink – just for good measure.

Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA – “Cheers!”

I’ve also used, “Bottoms Up!” to indicate “Finish drinking.”

Costa Rica – “Pura Vida” (pure life)

France – “A votre sante” (at your health)

Germany – “Prost” (meaning “cheers” and used for wine and beer) or for cocktails “Auf uns!” (meaning “to us!”)

While living in Germany a common follow up to “Prost” was “Prost X”, which also indicates “Finish drinking.”

Japan – “Kampai” (literally meaning to “dry the cup”)

Ireland – “Sláinte” (to your health)

Israel – “L’Chaim!” (to life)

Mexico, South America & Spain – “Salud!” (health)

Philippines – Mabuhay (life)

Singapore – “Cheers.”

I hear a common Chinese toast that you might want to learn and use is “Yum seng!” … again literally meaning “Finish drinking!”

Sweden – “Skål” (cheers)

Here’s to YOU, my friends!

Source: How to Say Cheers in 13 different Countries

Santa and Presents, Good Will and Cheer

Christmas 2016

“Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.” ~J.L.W. Brooks